Installation for individuals

Determine whether you need an activation code

In some cases, you need an activation code to authenticate your software.

You may need an activation code if:

  • You’re off-line and have a perpetual licence for a stand-alone 2020 (or earlier) product. 
  • You have an education licence and are off-line.

To request an activation code, you must first get a request code. To get one, see Find request code for manual activation.

Once you have that, activate your license at Autodesk Product Registration and Activation.

Important: Autodesk no longer supports manual off-line authentication for 2021 products and later. If you have a perpetual licence for a 2021 product or later and want to use it off-line, activate your software by going online one time to register. You can then use the software off-line. This change doesn't apply to subscription network licences or previous versions that you already activated off-line. You can continue to use them as before.